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Tolo Fishing Trips offers you different options and types of trips where you can enjoy fishing and swimming at famous beaches as well as locations that are only accessible by sea.


An activity suitable for everyone, Tolo Fishing Trips offers you an authentic experience in the enchanting waters and parts of our Argolic Gulf. Join us on the Agios Andreas boat and discover the beauty of the Argolic Gulf.




Enjoy Greek hospitality



in the beautiful and unique village of Tolo

Tolo Fishing Trips

 Experience and technique
Traditional fishing in the Argolic Gulf

  Fish ing trips to

Small groups of 8 people

Tolo Fishing Trips offers: 


Small group tours

Private tours

Excursions by arrangement

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4 hour tours
6 hour tours



If you prefer less fishing and more sightseeing or swimming on the beautiful beaches of the Argolic


Gulf, we are flexible to follow your schedule.






Tolo Fishing Trips informs you:

Tours may change due to weather conditions