Enjoy fishing and swimming

in amazing places, hidden beaches and magical waters

 Small-member fishing trips to Argolic gulf

Fishing tourism in the Argolic Gulf

Crystal clear waters, impressive beaches, sunny sandy beaches, pebble beaches, surrounded by white, red, gold or black rocks..
It will be our great pleasure to host you on our professional fishing boat.
We will have an unforgettable experience! Fishing and swimming in the deep blue waters of the Argolic Gulf Cruising along the beautiful coastline and fishing with our boat.
Under the guidance of our captain, we select the richest fishing grounds according to the season and the "snags", as the fishermen say.
Our experienced captain will guide you in the secrets of fishing.
Tolo Fishing Trips gives you the opportunity to go fishing with rods (standing, trolling) or watch net or longline fishing (by arrangement) from an experienced Fisherman.
We provide you with the equipment and everything else you need to enjoy the ultimate fishing experience
The small group tour is limited to just 7 participants, ensuring you have a beautiful and comfortable day.