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Tolo Fishing Trips offers you different options and types of trips where you can enjoy fishing and swimming at famous beaches as well as locations that are only accessible by sea.

An activity suitable for everyone, Tolo Fishing Trips offers you an authentic experience in the enchanting waters and parts of our Argolic Gulf. Join us on the Agios Andreas boat and discover the beauty of the Argolic Gulf.

What is fishing tourism?

Fishing tourism is the special form of tourism, which consists in the provision of tourist services connected to fishing and related practices and techniques, traditions and local customs, local products, traditional cuisine and local gastronomy.


Fishing tourism also includes:

• the demonstration of fishing techniques and the use of specific methods and tools by the tourists themselves or the direct and active participation of the tourists in these activities and practices

• the provision of hospitality and catering services in coastal, coastal and lakeside areas of fishing communities

• the provision of information services, monitoring or participation in actions, actions or activities that can be developed with the aim of entertaining and acquiring knowledge and experiences of the tourist through his contact with fishing and its natural, social and cultural environment and finally the organization of educational and training seminars for all of the above.



In a few words:

Fisherman takes tourists on his boat, goes fishing with them, showing them how to fish with a long line or static nets, for a fee, while passengers can also fish with a rod, trolling or vertical line.

Fishing and swimming in the Argolic gulf with the fishing boat

Agios Andreas